Personal Collection Treasures: What Have You Found?

What's in your archive

Identifying what materials you are planning to maintain digitally over time is not simple. It can be challenging to assess which of your files are worth keeping and consistently migrating every few years. As established in last week's blog post, digital files require active maintenance over the years, and keeping everything you've ever created or scanned is not necessarily a tenable solution. So, how do you choose what stays?

Throughout our series on Personal Digital Archiving, we want to hear how members of our community are approaching any personal information management projects they may be working on during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're also interested in hearing about significant or unusual objects, documents, or photos that you have kept over time. What's in your archive, and why?

In a few weeks, we will be soliciting stories from you all to share on our blog and social media accounts. We're interested in hearing about both digital objects and analog collection items. Think about the following as you sort through your materials.

  • Is there an underlying theme to the objects that you've kept over time? (it's more than okay if the answer is no!)

  • If you've chosen to digitize any materials, how did you decide what to scan?

  • What is the most significant object you've kept, and why?

  • Are there any objects you've kept that are reflective of your feminism? If so, what?

We'll share some personal archiving stories from staff and friends of The Feminist Institute in the weeks to come. And soon, we'll be putting out a form for you to share your anecdotes with us. We can't wait to hear about your projects and personal collection treasures.