Welcome to The Feminist Institute!

The Feminist Institute is establishing the foremost online repository for the study of feminist documentation

Newly established in 2017, The Feminist

Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to digitizing and sharing the rich history of feminist contributions to art, the humanities, politics, and business, and making our archive accessible online — for free.

We have accomplished some great things since our launch, including:

We've been working with several partners behind-the-scenes to best serve our community and to fulfill our mission.

Organization Goals:

Our mission at The Feminist Institute is to capitalize on the mass dissemination that online search and technology offers us to advance the march of feminism: to make visible the invisible, to achieve greater equalization through digitization. To that goal, we are developing a new database that will appropriately highlight, preserve, and steward digitized and born-digital materials from notable feminists from all spheres.

While we develop our database, we will provide:

  • Tutorials on personal digital archiving best practices, from choosing the proper file formats to long-term maintenance.

  • Introductions to a variety of archival theories and techniques to better contextualize The Feminist Institute's work.

  • Features on important projects being completed by archivists around the country, particularly those that work within feminist ethics of care or ethical digital preservation access.

  • Interviews with notable feminists about their archives and how they have approached their collections to this point.

  • Updates on our digitization projects and partners.

  • Pop-up digital exhibitions from our digital collections.

We have been working hard on these ventures, and now we're excited to start sharing them with you!