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The Feminist Institute x NYPL Partnership Announced

The Feminist Institute Mar 3, 2022 2 Minute Read

We can’t celebrate history we cannot see. This Women’s History Month, The Feminist Institute is proud to announce a partnership with the New York Public Library that will dig deep into the archives to unearth the stories of Feminist leaders, thinkers, and cultural contributors and make them accessible online.

This partnership is the culmination of the $250,000 New York City Council Capital Grant designated by Council Member Keith Powers for The Feminist Institute’s use in an archival content partnership with a New York City-based institution. The New York Public Library will receive direct funding to upgrade digital imaging equipment in their state-of-the-art digital lab in Long Island City. With NYPL, TFI will digitize archival materials from the library’s extensive collections, ensuring that feminist contributions to culture are documented online.

This dedicated time in the library’s digitization lab allows The Feminist Institute to collect 50,000+ captures across the five years of the partnership. Beginning in 2022, through a shared institutional commitment to prioritize the documentation of black culture, the first set of captures will come from the collections at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Partnering with one of the largest library systems in the U.S. allows TFI to become more visible and serves as an invaluable beta project in content development for partnerships with other collecting institutions in the future.

Thank you to Councilman Keith Powers for the funding that made this possible, the New York Public Library for your partnership, and Amazon for the donation to this project.