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Our Mission

The Feminist Institute is documenting feminist contributions to culture by digitizing an extensive trove of archival materials for easier access by students, researchers, and the public.

In line with current social initiatives to expand general knowledge of history and culture to reflect fuller truths and create greater online search equity, TFI is infilling the digital cultural record from a feminist perspective.

Alive In The Archive

Our Alive in the Archive interview series seeks to amplify womxn's voices by exploring personal archiving as a feminist act.

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“Even if I am simply one more woman laying one more brick in the foundation of a new and more humane world, it is enough to make me rise eagerly from my bed each morning and face the challenge of breaking the historic silence that has held women captive for so long.”

Judy Chicago



The Feminist Institute Digital Exhibit Project
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How Women Are Using Digital Platforms to Find Parity in the Arts

Our Partners

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