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Eliza Samuelson Mar 8, 2023 3 Minute Read

New York, NY– The Feminist Institute, a non-profit dedicated to documenting feminist contributions to culture, is celebrating Women’s History Month by launching its comprehensive, cross-disciplinary, feminist website and digital archive to expand general knowledge of history and create greater online search equity.  

The TFI Digital Archive, available at, is feminist both in content and practice. The TFI Digital Archive is a postcustodial digital archive with feminist primary source documentation from records creators, organizations, independent memory projects, and collecting institutions. The launch archive provides digital access to materials preserved through TFI’s partnership program, encompassing digitizing analog items and preserving born-digital materials. The archive is launching with five cross-disciplinary collections and features partnerships with the New York Public Library (NYPL), Hunter College, Global Fund for Women, the estate of Mary Beth Edelson, supersisters, Addresses Project, and A.I.R. Gallery. As we work with new partners, new materials will be available in the TFI Digital Archive. 

Feminist documentation, whether fine art, media, literature, business, or politics, does not live in a central digital repository. By preserving feminist contributions to culture in the TFI Digital Archive, The Feminist Institute ensures gender-marginalized stories are being told, included, and preserved in the cultural record. 

“As we approach the one-hundredth anniversary of the original draft of the Equal Right Amendment in 2023, the rights of gender-marginalized individuals are more precarious than ever. With the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade and other troubling rhetoric, there is a deep need to preserve and share the history and legacy of feminism in all areas of life. The launch of the TFI Digital Archive does just this.” 
Marie Williams Chant, Director of Archives and Special Projects at The Feminist Institute.  

Founded in 2016 by Kathleen Landy, The Feminist Institute challenges how history has long been told. By prioritizing the story of the victor, often white and male, crucial histories from gender-marginalized individuals are left out, creating a fractured cultural record. As storytelling evolves into a digital space, accurate documentation becomes more important than ever.  

The Feminist Institute’s new website, designed by award-winning technology firm Linked by Air, is a space that promotes information activism, gender equality, and the preservation of an accurate cultural record, ultimately giving the power of storytelling back to gender-marginalized voices.  

“In an environment that envisions a future where gender-marginalized individuals and organizations’ equal contributions to culture are known and recognized, and their rights are protected, the work is never done, but the launch of the TFI Digital Archive continues the fight for gender equity in a meaningful way.” 
Kathleen Landy, President and Founder of The Feminist Institute. 

You can access The Feminist Institute’s website and the TFI Digital Archive by visiting  

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