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Mary Beth Edelson: Come Dressed As Your Favorite Artist & Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneemann, December 17, 1987, 110 Mercer Street

Kathleen Wentrack
Oct 24, 2019

Come Dressed as Your Favorite Artist

Dinner in honor of Louise Bourgeois and Ana Mendieta held by Mary Beth Edelson, 1979.
Copyright held by the Estate of Mary Beth Edelson; preserved through a partnership with The Feminist Institute. See record
This image documents a dinner and costume party honoring Louise Bourgeois hosted by Mary Beth Edelson and Ana Mendieta at Mary Beth’s loft in Soho on the 14th of March 1979. Mendieta was introduced to many women artists at this gathering. Guests included: Louise Bourgeois, Ana Mendieta, Mary Beth Edelson, Michelle Stuart, Joyce Kozloff, Hannah Wilke, Judith Bernstein, Anne Sharp, Susan Copper, Edit D'Ak, Barbara Moore, Patricia Hamilton, Phyllis Krim, Barbara Zucker, Poppy Johnson, Marcia Resnick, and Gloria MacDonald.
A red silk print of Ana Mendieta made by Mary Beth Edelson hangs on a white wall.
Mary Beth Edelson Studio (2018-03-23) by Kolin Mendez Photography
After Mendieta’s untimely death in 1985, Edelson made a silkscreen homage to her friend.

Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneemann, December 17, 1987, 110 Mercer Street

Mary Beth Edelson, Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneemann, December 17 1989.
Copyright held by the Estate of Mary Beth Edelson; preserved through a partnership with The Feminist Institute. See record
Indicative of Edelson’s close connection with other feminist artists and her performative practices, she created a performance ritual for Carolee Schneemann in her 110 Mercer Street loft on December 17, 1987. “Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneemann (or Summer Wounds Healed in Winter)” engaged five others that included Gloria Orenstein, Clive Philpot, Elinor Gadon, Hank Gile, and Maura Sheehan. The photograph documents the ritual for which Edelson made an artist’s book that outlines the healing process for her friend, five pages of which are documented below.

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Dinner in honor of Louise Bourgeois and Ana Mendieta held by Mary Beth Edelson




5163p x 4932p

Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneemann





4782p x 5944p

"Healing Ritual for Carolee Schneeman Artists' Book"





6130p x 4516p

Written by Dr. Kathleen Wentrack
© 2019 Kathleen Wentrack

Kathleen Wentrack, PhD, is a Professor of Art History at The City University of New York, Queensborough CC and the editor of the forthcoming book “Collaboration, Empowerment, Change: Women’s Art Collectives.” She recently published “1970s Feminist Practice as Heterotopian: The Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst and the Schule für kreativen Feminismus,” in “All Women Art Spaces in the Long 1970s” edited by Agata Jakubowska and Katy Deepwell (Liverpool University Press, 2018). She is a contributing editor to Art History Teaching Resources and Art History Pedagogy and Practice and a co-coordinator of The Feminist Art Project in New York City.

Produced by Erica Galluscio

Photography of studio space provided by Kolin Mendez Photography

Accola Griefen Fine Art exhibition photos courtesy of Accola Griefen Fine Art: Rob van Erve

Images of “Goddess Tribe” installation courtesy of David Lewis New York

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