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Adopt a Box: Monthly Match

Allison Elliott, Eliza Samuelson Dec 7, 2022 2 Minute Read

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, all donations received in December will go twice as far. Help The Feminist Institute reach our $5,000 goal by Adopting a Box.

A scan is more than just a scan. Within all sorts of boxes, there are feminist histories waiting to be shared. These boxes are filled with folders, which are filled with documents, and within these documents are lived experiences that create a more equitable and accurate historical record.
Mary Beth Edelson, “WAC IS HERE, SOME ARE QUEER”, 1992.
Copyright held by the Estate of Mary Beth Edelson; preserved through a partnership with The Feminist Institute. See record

Take this ephemera from our Mary Beth Edelson Xollection, for example. In 2018, the TFI team went to Mary Beth Edelson’s studio and digitized hundreds of materials that otherwise would have been lost. Edelson was an artist and an activist involved with the Women’s Action Coalition, founded in 1992 to fight for women’s rights through direct action. The group was inspired by other activist groups, such as ACT UP. Access to photos like the one above aid in the project of infilling the cultural record to include feminist history and connecting the dots between activists and organizations.

In order to preserve feminist contributions to culture, we rely on the generosity of our donors, who share in our belief that the key to transformation is information. Our annual giving campaign, Adopt a Box, aims to engage and educate our community on what exactly it entails to be a feminist archiving organization.

We rely on our community to donate to safeguard our collective histories. By adopting a box, you are enabling The Feminist Institute to prioritize the preservation of feminist materials and the cultural histories they represent.

Your gift will go twice as far this month! Be an information activist and donate to our Adopt a Box campaign to help us infill the cultural record from a feminist perspective.

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